During the past few years, Villads Larsen has transformed from being a student slash skate rat at Bryggeriet Gymnasium, the Swedish high school that includes skateboarding in its curriculum, to a full grown man (well, almost) with full-time job, waist-high impossibles and the looks of Danish skateboarding’s equivalent to the likes of James Dean and Steve McQueen. Having been part of crew that is Copson for little time, we popped by Villads’ flat in the Southern part of the Danish capital accompanied by photographer Frederik Marbell for pizza en masse, Japanese booze and good times. Here’s what Villads had to say about a few different things.

About girls: I lost my keys at a place called Bakken last night. Alas, a girl and I only realized this at 3AM this morning outside my front door. After having checked all my pockets, we took a cab back to Bakken to look for them. No luck there though. We ended up staying at her place. It’s nice to know people who are helpful in shitty situations.

About pizza: This pizza is a classic, bad pizza. A bit too wet, a bit too soggy. The ham is shredded, so the taste of meat has vanished long time ago and the mushrooms dried up on the walk back from the pizza spot. It has its charm though, there’s a certain beauty to bad pizza in some way.

About nostalgia: Of all periods in time, I love the 1960s the most; something that probably isn’t hard to tell when scattering through my record collection. A lot of garage rock, soul and psych. That period just shun through with regards to design, graphics, style, music; everything was incredibly beautiful. It’s hard to have a nostalgic approach to the ’60s, as I was born in ’94…but that’s where my weakness is.

About Morrissey: I didn’t really catch on to The Smiths until earlier this year actually. It became heavier when Morrissey announced a concert in Copenhagen though. Everyone’s favorite vegan dude still makes it grand. He’s one of those musicians who’s managed to remain relevant and prosperous after having gone solo. We had some beers after the concert and this huge guy came over and told us, that he made a bet on that my good friend, a guy, and I were a couple. I sorta get that he thought we were gays; two dudes going for a Morrissey concert on a Sunday night, you know? I had to tell him that we weren’t though, unfortunately for his matter.

Text: Nikolaj Hansson

Photos: Frederik Marbell




<<< It’s hard to have a nostalgic approach to the '60s, as I was born in '94...but that’s where my weakness is. >>>