Scunthorpe joyboy and south east London’s finest curator of rain forest sodden basement jams Tom Glencross throws together sunset thudders and sunrise epiphanies under his Mystic Crystal moniker. Copson are delighted to present you with an hour of diving bell deep house and stratospheric ambience courtesy of the big man himself. Best enjoyed in a Sunday shimmer.

Tell us mere mortals a bit more about the mystical crystal and the ancient scrolls?

The Mystic Crystal is a mask I like to wear whilst DJ-ing, it’s an identity made of equal parts self and equal parts incantation. My show Ancient Scrolls is something I’ve been doing on and off for a year or so, some of it on wiredradio.co.uk, some of it in my bedroom. The track list for each mix is predetermined, recovered from the remnants of a scroll excavated from beneath a blast furnace at a steel manufacturer in my hometown of Scunthorpe.

Do you remember the first time you heard the safe and secure thud of a 4/4?

The first album I ever bought was a Ministry of Sound compilation, the 2000 Annual, a very steady little collection of mostly trance, naturally opening with Bird of Prey and the fleeting tail-end of some UK garage, Doomsnight sticks out as a favourite. I definitely think that sowed some big seeds – that and a load of Positiva CD singles lying around the house, that big white plus sign on blue.

You wake up tomorrow. You’re in paradise. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you going to do with the day?

I’m at the top of a dramatic hill in the Lakes, the sun is high, I’m with my friends, and we’re about to smoke and look at the clouds changing shapes. Later on we’re getting a plane to Berlin and we’re going straight into the Berghain dressed in leather and chains.

What’s your Copson mix the perfect soundtrack to?

Either walking with headphones around town in the early darkness of a winter evening; or getting introspective with your friends in the kitchen whilst someone’s roasting up some potatoes and slow cooking an enormous brisket.

What’s your fave ambient slop to chill out to after a hard night out on the town?

Now we’re really talking. Floating Points ‘Montparnasse’ if we’re still buzzing; if the 12-inch Raw skins are circulating then some huge dub like Prince Far I’s ‘Foundation Stepper.’

 Mystic Crystal’s drink of choice is a pint of ice-cold Gold top milk.

 Text: Josh Baines

<<< Later on we’re getting a plane to Berlin and we’re going straight into the Berghain dressed in leather and chains. >>>
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