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Dreamlike works, nostalgia, and new ways of living.

A flirtatious yet poignant sentence used to describe the Romanticism era of the 18th Century, when artists emphasised that sense and emotions, not simply reason and order, were equally important means of both understanding and experiencing the world.

"Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor in exact truth, but in a way of feeling."

Sense and emotion are the primary drivers behind everything we do at COPSON. In a world that feels increasingly disconnected from the basics, such as the spirit and the soul, we remain focused on championing the complete opposite.

Living consciously is about taking control of your life and about thinking deeply about your decisions rather than making them without any thought. Being awake and aware is about creating the life of your dreams, and not settling for anything less.


From what we eat; how we play; the amount of ice in our negronis; our relationships; where we dance; ways of working; our leisure time; the music we listen to; how we explore and serve the world, and equally ourselves. It's all considered.

With this in mind, we don't conform to run-of-the-mill rules and standards. We're skateboarders, but we like to dress up sometimes, we like to listen to House FM whilst driving, and classical music when in the bath. We date boys, we date girls, we go raving, and we go to cacao ceremonies.

Following our emotional drive and in keeping with our Italian lineage, we felt it was important to create some smart casual pieces in Italy with two ladies – Marina and Fiorella – who have been manufacturing Italian suiting since the ‘80s. They feed us cold meats and biscotti when we visit their factory,, seamlessly mixing business and pleasure whilst nailing the premium subtleties that provide an elevated “Made in Italy” feel. Alongside this, we strive to produce our jersey with factories that don’t sacrifice humanity for profit.

Our product offering is pretty simple: pieces to skate in and pieces to chill in, with additional statement pieces to throw on at night when the sun goes down. No trends and no fuss. Just nice things that stand out from the fray.

As the Romantic movement was described the first time around: “A call to spiritual renewal that would usher in an age of freedom and liberties not yet seen.”

We're claiming the new wave.

Natalie Davies