Ibiza was the highlight in this project, another spiritual home to COPSON, where we'd spent a lot of summers. The idea was to show the lesser known north of the island, where spirituality and mysticism reign over the super clubs. This is where the balearic music scene was born, and the hippies discovered their 'paradise' in the 70s. A story of duality, between your inner world and outer world; and a magical isle where you can dip in and out of hedonism or benevolence. 

"The idea to make a film in Ibiza came before we landed on the concept, but there were two things that were clear to me from the beginning. I didn’t want the film to look like a tourism advert for Ibiza — it needed to be intimate and character driven. And I knew that music had to be a huge part of it, because you can’t tell a Balearic story without the music. 

These two things eventually led me to the idea that the music would be inside our character’s head — inspired by the things around him. This is very much a spiritual sequel to A Young Summer’s Heart and I loved the idea of using the ever-evolving music as a form of voice-over. Creating the track “live” within the film was probably the biggest technical challenge I’ve faced as a filmmaker. Every time we changed the music, the edit had to follow, and vice-versa. I can’t thank Native Cruise (who composed the music) and Elise (our editor) enough. In the end, everything came together, and I think we have an honest portrait of what it’s like to be on holiday with your friends — constantly teetering between the world inside your head, and the one around you."

Directed by Romano Pizzichini. In collaboration with New Balance. 

Music by Native Cruise whose ‘Sunsets and Deeper Moods’ EP is forthcoming on South London-based label No Bad Days.

The COPSON x New Balance MRL247 is available now from New Balance and selected retailers across Europe, Asia and Australia.